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08/12/2021 11:25

Hey, we’re Players Attic, and if you’re reading this, then you may already know we’re in the process of developing our first game. What you probably don’t know is the How, Where and Why behind it all.

We got together in 2020 (2018 if you count all the different ideas we workshopped before making the decision to form a new studio). What initially began as a wild exploration into all the things we adore about video games, soon evolved into a refinement of what we wanted to say and convey through the medium as both art and entertainment.  

As much as we fell in love with the concept that would become our first major project, we didn’t want to jump straight in without first having a solid direction. So we spent another year crafting the story, visuals, gameplay and characters, until we knew we had a game we always wanted to play — or seeing as it didn’t already exist, the kind of game we should absolutely, unreservedly have to make ourselves!

And that’s really the credos behind forming an independent studio in the first place: To make the kinds of games that matter to us, not just as creators of games, but as players also. Although we’re based in the UK, we’ve all come together from all over the world, all from very different backgrounds and industries — but with a shared vision of creating games that weave meaningful and exciting experiences through story and gameplay.

Which brings us back neatly to our current project. What’s it called? What’s it all about? And what is our roadmap for release? These are all questions we’re dying to answer, but all in good time! 

For now, here’s a little teaser alluding to the upcoming title drop which will be announced later this month. So be sure to Follow us on Twitter (hit that button below) to stay in the loop! We’ll also be sharing further game details, development updates and plenty more exciting stuff in the meantime.

Until the next one,

— Team Attic. 

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